It all started with an exceptional dining experience. A little restaurant in Cedar City, Utah had just come under new management. The new owner was a fantastic cook with an inspiring backstory. Starting a new business is no easy task. Lighthouse was a little-known, seafood-lover's gem, struggling with all the facets of startup life.

To make matters worse, when taking over the business, the new owners lost the ability to make updates to their website. The website contained a myriad of inaccurate data: wrong business hours, old menu items, and contact information. They were losing customers in their first year of business, and in a small town, that can be a business killer.

Unicorn stepped in to transform Lighthouse. We started by building a new site on Wordpress and putting the power of brand management back into the hands of the owner. Our team united to give a helping hand. We provided a myriad of services, off-the-clock and pro-bono where needed.

We started with taking professional photos of dishes on the menu, which was it's own reward, as we dined on some of the most delicious seafood we'd ever had! We would never have guessed that a little joint land-locked in the middle of the country could get such fresh and delicious seafood! Once we had the assets we needed, our team rallied together to build the new website and refresh the brand.

Lighthouse needed a website where they had more control and could keep up to date; they needed a CMS (Content Management System). We matched the ambiance of the restaurant and modernization: responsiveness to all kinds of devices: mobile, tablet and desktop. We choose a well known out-of-the-box tool, WordPress, for the ease of use for the consumer and wide variety of options/plugins. Our solution allows Lighthouse to put in weekly specials, change the seasonal menu, update hours, and manage content without an intermediary. The result is classy and easy to use for both the consumer and company.

At Unicorn, we love crafting custom solutions for our clients. We also enjoy finding out-of-the-box solutions that work best for our client. Lighthouse didn’t need a full blown custom application, and we were happy to customize a pre-made solution to fit the client’s needs within their budget.