In 2015, Unicorn set out to revolutionize the world of virtual and augmented reality. We had a bold vision: to enable users to fully immerse themselves in virtual environments, complete with realistic and lifelike 3D models and renderings.

To achieve this, we knew they needed to invent a way to capture and digitize objects properly in three dimensions. The capture was easy, but calibration and artifacts in stitching took a lot of work to get right. The other problem we faced was getting this into the hands of a non-technical user. We had built the capabilities in a production studio with a collection of high end cameras, green screens, and alignment markers, but how could we make this practical for a user at home?

After much research and development, the team came up with an innovative solution: volumetric capture using an iPhone camera with printable calibration sheets with cloud-based image analysis techniques to stitch and process the data. The process works by using a single camera to capture a series of images from all angles. These images are then fed into a machine learning algorithm, which analyzes the data to create a 3D model of the subject. The resulting model is highly detailed and accurate, capturing even the subtle movements and expressions of the subject. One of the key challenges in creating this technology was ensuring that it would be fast and efficient enough to work on a mobile device. We were able to overcome this obstacle by developing a custom hardware accelerator and offloading the work to a server that could handle the massive amount of data being processed.

Once the volumetric capture technology was developed, Unicorn set to work on integrating it into a library that we could use repeatedly. The response to the technology was overwhelmingly positive. Users were amazed by the level of detail and realism in the 3D models, and they loved being able to capture any three dimensional subject with high resolution. That's when we met a pioneer startup that was ripe for this type of technology: MadeSpoke, high-end tailor-made mens shoes. This technology allowed us to capture all of the key metrics that a tailor of any clothing or apparel trade would need to produce a custom product for a customer. In our research and development efforts, Unicorn won many awards for the concept and helped MadeSpoke build notoriety.

In the years since its release, volumetric capture technology has become an integral part of many Alt Reality platforms. The Software Development Kit (SDK) that Unicorn built has since been licensed to other companies in the virtual and augmented reality space, helping to drive the development of these technologies forward.

Today, Unicorn is considered a leader in the field of volumetric capture and 3D modeling. Our innovative approach has helped to shape the future of virtual and augmented reality, and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with these technologies. Overall, the development of volumetric capture using image analysis techniques on iOS devices was a major milestone for Unicorn and the virtual reality industry as a whole. It has opened up new possibilities for users to fully immerse themselves in virtual environments and has paved the way for even more advanced technologies in the future.