Block: Homes of the Future

Clay Unicorn

If you're on Pinterest.. like literally, ever, you know the craze around shipping container architecture and tiny homes. We have the honor to be partners and investors in this space with Block!

Real estate is a slow-moving industry as a whole. Trying to innovate in any way can be painful and riddled with challenges. To succeed you need a powerful team of experts to cover all the nuances from zoning to marketing and Block has brought in the best of the best and is on the fast track to be a major player and disrupter in the space. Unicorn has committed to partnering with Block to expand regional presence in Michigan and support business development by connecting residential developers, construction gurus, and advising on technology.

In the works are some of the most innovative and tech-forward Alt Reality solutions to launch an experiential marketing campaign and sales presentation. This isn't new territory for our crew, as we have been working on R&D projects with The Christman Company for years, but bringing these innovations and ideas to a rapidly growing startup is very exciting. Impact and results are the goal, and we can't wait to publish the full story!