ReVision: Fighting Bias

Clay Unicorn

"Excuse me. Your bias is showing." This is the unofficial tagline of a new startup, ReVision, which challenges and improves bias in conversations. Unicorn has the honor and privilege to be an investor to deliver a powerful app that will change the way users write and think. As a product incubator and tech consultancy, Unicorn is in a unique position to help startups connect to funding and get to market quickly. When we first connected with Sarah and Sabriya, the founders of ReVision, we knew they had that X-factor that every investor looks for: the passion to solve real problems, the fortitude to build the business, and perfect timing in the market.

The company was founded from insights in U.S. classrooms, a place where bias can run rampant with the unique opportunity for impact by helping a teacher recognize and improve their own biases towards students. ReVision's app is like spell correction for bias. Powered by state-of-the-art AI, the application runs on a user's devices and can be enabled to monitor speech and written messages to underscore implicit bias, tone, and a myriad of other mistakes that can be improved.